Coffee With Jesus

Bonus Episode: Behind the Scenes

April 09, 2021 Todd Uebele
Coffee With Jesus
Bonus Episode: Behind the Scenes
Show Notes

Did you ever wonder what goes into the production of a podcast? Did you ever wonder what happens behind the microphone during interviews?  Did you ever wonder how much the host flubs his lines (hint: a LOT)?

If so, we have the perfect episode for you! In this SPECIAL bonus episode, Coffee With Jesus host, Todd Uebele, takes you behind the scenes. He shares unheard clips from interviews, as well as gaffs and flubs from some of his solo episodes.  Some gaffs and flubs are even live!

If you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes for podcast recording, this is just the episode for you! Please note that this episode had minimal editing.  The quality may be a little lower and recorded mistakes are included as well as mistakes from from previous episodes.

Clips included from the following episodes:
Episode 4 - Failure is Not an Option
Episode 5 - Cracks Filled With Gold
Episode 6 - 4 Habits of Highly Effective Christians
Episode 8 - God Our Deliverer
Episode 9 - Here Am I, Send ME
Episode 10 - Courage Under Fire
Episode 13 - Rising From the Dust

Clips include the following guests:
Dr. Timothy Rogers-Martin
Pastor Paul Calcote
Ms. Yilda Rivera
Pastor Tolani Abike Adewole

Podcast Host: Todd Uebele