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Coconut-ism Featuring Manuel "Manny" Padilla Jr.

May 09, 2021 Elsa Iris Reyes/Manny Padilla Jr. Season 2 Episode 10
The Latinx Identity Project
Coconut-ism Featuring Manuel "Manny" Padilla Jr.
Show Notes

Hola, bienvenidos, and welcome to another episode of the Latinx Identity Project, a Podcastwhere we share stories as told by us, for us.

I am your host, Elsa Iris Reyes

We have a special guest today: His name is Manny Padilla Jr, the author of the novel, “Coconut”

Manny is here to share about his experiences growing up in the 60’s during a time in American history when Mexican-Americans were caught between two worlds, not as recent immigrants, but those who have been here for generations and assimilated to become upstanding and model Americans.

His generation is the non Spanish speaking generation, or “Coconuts” as they were referred to. Today we get a rare but important glimpse into a part of Latinx culture that has gone untold but no longer forgotten. 

Trigger warning - there will be use of ethnic slurs. While these words are painful to hear and say, they serve an integral role in telling Manny’s story.

Thanks and enjoy the show

Manny's book:

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