A Muse's Daydream

Let's Try Something Different

April 15, 2023 jill badonsky Season 4 Episode 5
A Muse's Daydream
Let's Try Something Different
Show Notes

The script is here if you want to follow along.

Written, engineered, and edited by Jill Badonsky

Some traditions need to be examined, and maybe modified if they're not fun.
Some of us would rather high-five than bow, some of us would rather blow bubbles in our chocolate malts than act too serious.

I had fun writing this podcast. I find when I have a dry spell, I just submit to the silly, the absurd, and once again, my creative childlike spirit comes out to play. Sometimes it results in something inspirational, other times, it's just a good time. It's Bea Silly from my first book.

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