A Muse's Daydream

Three Beach Muses: Part One - Sensoria

February 04, 2021 jill badonsky Season 2 Episode 1
A Muse's Daydream
Three Beach Muses: Part One - Sensoria
Show Notes

A Muse's Daydream, Season two, opens with inbred thoughts, a walk on the beach, and meeting up with an eccentric Muse that has an original way of delivering inspiration. 
The voice of the Muse Sensoria is played by Sadie Spikes, my good friend and a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.

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Written, narrated  and engineered by Jill Badonsky. Creative Consultation by Robin Brisebois. Jill is creator/ trainer at Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Certification program and three books that all mention Muses.  www.kaizenmuse.com - subscribe to a low-key inspirational newsletter and get a coloring book for sanity and relaxation.

First place winner in the OOJF Podcasts Awards (full disclosure: OOJF stands for One Of Jill's Favorite Podcasts)

Say That You Won't Go (Instrumental Version), Loving Caliber
Playful Mischief, Josef Falkensköld

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