A Muse's Daydream

The Idea Hotline- For a Good Idea

July 29, 2021 jill badonsky Season 2 Episode 13
A Muse's Daydream
The Idea Hotline- For a Good Idea
Show Notes

What if you could call a hotline to get ideas? I did and for SOME REASON it required a lot of patience. But I did get a pizza out of it, you might get a tip or two about your creativity.

Voice Actors:
Robin Brisebois - he's an architect
Sadie Spikes, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
Nicky Pitman - Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach
Kim Selby, Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach with a Podcast called Ignite Your Spark:
"Get "lit" with conversations that will encourage you to share your light! If you are struggling to get motivated, know there is more for you in this life or you feel stuck in a rut. I'm here for YOU." Here's the episode I got to be on.

For More information about Kaizen-Muse Creativity, classes, retreats and trainings... go here.

Jill Badonsky is the author/illustrator of three books on the creative process, creator/trainer at KMCC, and internationally recognized workshop leader. She teaches at the La Jolla Athenaeum and Omega Institute as well as through www.themuseisin.com

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