A Muse's Daydream

The Red Carpet

September 07, 2021 jill badonsky Season 2 Episode 17
A Muse's Daydream
The Red Carpet
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In this episode, peacocks, cat hair, and acting "as if" all play a part in the power of a daydream to transport us to a red carpet and the confidence that can ensue by doing so.

Written, narrated and engineered by Jill Badonsky with guest voice, Robin Brisebois.
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The Red Carpet by Jill Badonsky from a Muse’s Daydream


Hi, I’m broadcasting from inside my closet. The acoustics are excellent in here.—listen to this ….Sounds like I can actually sing when I’m in here.   but that’s not why I’m here.  


I occasionally like to look through things I’ve accumulated over the years.

Like here’s a scarf I forgot I had, it has big purple polka dots on a black background. Wearing it makes me stand with better posture, has the power to make immediate gratification less tempting,    and makes me impartial to how piles of clothes have   congregated mysteriously on the floor.   Over here is one of many dresses I ordered on impulse because its image popped up on the internet based on online predictive digital analytics detecting my misguided interest in clothes with floral designs, spaghetti straps that are inappropriately young for my current age.. I ordered the dress, I’ve never worn it, the material wasn’t what I thought it would be and it really is inappropriately young looking for my current age and that’s okay.  Over here’s a tool belt I wore in my one woman show back in 1997 … one of my characters was a TV repair man beat poet. Keeping it in the closet keeps the static out of my socks.


But that’s not why I’m here either.  I’m in here to get out my red carpet.   


Walking down a red carpet, even if it’s placed among piles of mysterious clothes gives me a feeling of accomplishment and confidence. Confidence powers the creative process -  a little more self-assurance will help me move through doubts and distractions I have in making progress with my next book- The creative process is not always easy, but acting as if I have confidence gives me the feeling of You can do this!   .  I’m going to walk on the red carpet toward the entrance of the 14th annual Academy Acting as If … Awards. I have been nominated for an award in the category of Acting As if I know what I’m doing - as if I’m actually on a roll writing my next book –  so it’s fitting to roll out my red carpet. I step out of the closet,  to activate this daydream (hoping you will too to help out)…let’s  breathe in and as we breathe out – the carpet unrolls… oops, it didn’t unroll quite all the way…(work with me here people) another breath in.. and out


  (cat meow)… I was wondering where the cat was hiding.    The carpet rolls out in the deepest richest reds you can imagine -  rubies, real rubies are centers of a floral pattern woven in golden thread along the edge, and … there’s a little cat hair strewn throughout. As I step onto the carpet with my barefeet I feel it’s soft and velvety surface, there’s a feeling of anticipation in the air, the smell of Chanel #5. and all of a sudden a crowd gathers on each side,

paparazzi are snapping pictures  of me – they can be annoying but it’s okay today because they are in sync with this occasion.   I’m walking a little sideways because there’s really only one side of my face that is somewhat photogenic. I stop to expose  one leg slightly in front of the other, showing out of my bathrobe and sport a pouty look on my face. which evidently is a bit comical and also not age appropriate.   And I’m Actiing as if…. I am already where I’d like to be. This is a uniquely empowering feeling.


Lined up on each side of the carpet, are people who have always believed in me and I am filled with gratitude for them, hello sweethearts, neighbors I thought didn’t like me because I complain a lot about their noise, a fanclub wearing mouse ears,  a peacock, a parrot, and a poodle all cheering me on because this IS a daydream so why not..I wave acting as if I am confident that I deserve this..    A little healthy delusional daydreaming has assisted the most celebrated writer, comedian, artist, and musician in staying with their craft. So I’m here for the ride to see where this daydream delusion can take me as well.  Excuse me while I sign some autographs and pose with some fans wanting selfies… or us-ies..


Trent: Jill Badonsky… is arriving on the carpet.. Jill, tell us who you’re wearing. 


Jill: Um, I’m wearing… LL Bean  


Trent: A fabulous scotch plaid flannel robe that is so… flattering to your figure.


Jill: Thank you. 


Trent: The level of success the progress of your book is taking on is mindboggling. How’s it feel?


Jill: Sometimes it doesn’t feel real, but you know hard work yadda yadda …  .


Trent: How did you get to this most impressive level of progress.


Jill: Very supportive tall people in my life 


Trent: uh ah… What’s do you think is most important part of what you’ve done so far.


Jill: Um.. probably the illustration of the lighthouse and the accompanying humorously profound text that goes along with it.


Trent:hmmm I don’t remember that part.


Jill: Yeah, I just thought of it …   Thanks for that question because now all I want to do is go get this  new idea rolling..Gotta go Trent@ Limosine! Take me to my closet!


Trent: Wow. An unprecedented move by a red-carpet nominee, indeed. Well, speaking for the make-believe multitudes, can’t wait. 


Jill: Thanks darling, ta ta. 


The limousine drops me off in my closet, I roll up the carpet, put on the black and purple polka dot scarf , sit with good posture at my kitchen table, safe from troublemakers, indifferent to the clothes on the floor, pet the cat, and write this.


The reward for acting as if you know what you’re doing doesn’t have to come in the shape of a gold figure on a pedestal and your picture on the cover of a magazine, The reward is stoking confidence because the funny thing is, acting as if we have confidence, is a lot like having confidence an   Confidence in ourselves gives us freedom to take risks, believe in ourselves and stay the course… even if staying the course means running home from an awards ceremony to work on our creative passion.. 

You might want to check your closet. There’s   some confidence in there ready for you to roll it out. Ignore the cat hair.


The Voice of Trent was played by Robin Brisebois. 


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