Universal Voices/Voces Universales

A Heart For Community

October 20, 2023 Alissa Molina Season 3 Episode 1
Universal Voices/Voces Universales
A Heart For Community
Show Notes

Universal Voices is back with an all new A Heart For mini-series. In this episode, Alissa welcomes Juan Carlos Hernandez. JC and Alissa discuss community and so much more including:

  • How food can create spaces of welcome and community.
  • Gratitude and appreciation.
  • The power of prayer.
  • The power of simple acts of connection.
  • The ways community has been modeled by the ones who have come before.
  • Open tabled fellowship.
  • Feed. Pray. Walk (this was SO good).

Make sure to stick around until the end to hear Universal Podcast news!

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