Universal Voices/Voces Universales

A Heart for Imago Dei

November 10, 2023 Alissa Molina Season 3 Episode 4
Universal Voices/Voces Universales
A Heart for Imago Dei
Show Notes

Universal Voices is back with an all new A Heart For mini-series. In this episode, Alissa welcomes Allison Sullivan. This episode is packed with goodness as Alissa and Allison enter into conversation around the Truth that every single person reflects the image of God. The two focus on going "to the base of the mountain" to see that the failure to honor the Imago Dei in all people is at the root of all that ails us, They talk of ways to begin to step with humility and courage to see and treat people as the image bearers they are.  The two also talk of:

  • Being the kind of friend that rips off roofs.
  • How Jesus did not skip suffering and how that comforts us in our own.
  • The need and necessity of asking questions and the goodness of doubt.
  • Never arriving, but continually being called into the deep.
  • Thomas' deepest doubts leading to the the truest faith.
  • Going to the base of the mountain to find why people are drowning.
  • Showing up late to someone else's story.
  • Tenderness with ourselves and with others.
  • Trusting our brothers and sisters in faith.
  • Embracing that every image bearer reflects some aspect of God out into the world.

Find Allison's podcast Sinner, Saint, Sister here, her Substack Pure Speculation here, and her family's fun TikTok account here. You can also find her on Instagram.

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