Universal Voices/Voces Universales

A Heart for Creation

November 24, 2020 Alissa Molina Season 1 Episode 9
Universal Voices/Voces Universales
A Heart for Creation
Show Notes

Today in the 9th installment of this 12 part series Alissa welcome in Alysse Gear to talk about her heart for creation.  Alissa and Alysse share all kinds of passions and hit it off really quickly.  The two new friends spend some time discussing care for God's creation and how people of faith can make small changes to be better stewards of the beautiful gift that is the earth and everything in it.  Jump in and listen to the two talk about all the things like:

  • Bringing the passions God has placed in our hearts to the Church
  • The power of welcome
  • Plant walks!
  • Integrating the care of creation into our everyday lives
  • Loving creation by finding the habits that work best for us
  • A few habits to try
  • The power of modeling
  • Alysse's ONE request of anyone who hears this podcast
  • The beauty of our multifaceted faith
  • Consumerism 
  • Catholic Social Teaching

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