Universal Voices/Voces Universales

A Heart for Family Life

December 01, 2020 Alissa Molina Season 1 Episode 10
Universal Voices/Voces Universales
A Heart for Family Life
Show Notes

In the  TENTH episode of this 12-part series,  Alissa (finally!) convinces her husband of 17 years, Junior, to let her interview him.  The couple talks about his heart for family life and the conversation covers a lot of ground in a short time.  Tune in to hear them talk about:

  • Preaching always, and if necessary using words
  • The Source of Junior's joy
  • The power of the everyday witness
  • The Church as family and as a place we fit
  • The intimacy of praying as a couple
  • Junior's family of origin
  • Both the discipline and depth necessary in the faith life
  • The vital practice of worship
  • One of the things in family life Junior did not see coming
  • Bringing our best selves to our family
  • Teamwork [with God] makes the dream work
  • Communication as a key component to married life
  • Holiness as proximity to God

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