The Whole Therapist
Therapists Make Mistakes: Exploring Shame and Compassion
Therapists Make Mistakes: Exploring Shame and Compassion 38:52 The Healer's Dilemma: Holding Boundaries with Family and Friends 14:45 Monitoring Self-Disclosure in the Therapy Space 28:34 Talking Heads: Using Talking Intentionally in the Therapy Space 19:40 The Financial Dilemma: A Therapist Journey 24:26 The Uninspired Therapist 25:42 Grief. Not Just a One Time Topic 23:09 Season THREE: Welcoming Clients Back 19:53 Process Over Content 26:52 Daydreaming About a New Career 15:57 Leaning into Dissociation 28:13 Curiosity in the Therapy Space 25:37 Growing Clinical Self-Confidence 16:46 Maintaining Differentiation with Our Clients 24:10 Meeting Blocked Trust with Care and Connection 18:52 Therapists, Resting Is HARD 19:50 Therapists unite! Cooperation vs. Competition 22:15 When the Therapist Gets Fired 27:11 Titrating Trauma 20:09 Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Bridgette Black 41:52 The Energetic Powers of the Couch 19:12 Silence in Session with Clients 22:13 BONUS EPISODE: What is Reflective Functioning? 20:22 Growing Up in the Field 21:47 Navigating the Therapeutic Relationship 26:22