Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul

Mindful Movement Part 1 | Pamela Stokes

January 20, 2021 KJ Hoard Nasrul/ Pamela Stokes Season 2 Episode 27
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
Mindful Movement Part 1 | Pamela Stokes
Show Notes

Can mindful movement heal buried trauma? "YES", says Pamela Stokes. In today's episode, KJ chats with Pamela, a trauma informed healer with an extensive background in biology, education, movement and music. From early dreams of dancing on Broadway in NYC, to teaching biology as a Science Specialist, Pamela was aware of a constant companion--pain. She sought balm for the discomfort of fibromyalgia through inquiry into neuroscience and sensory-motor training.  Absorbing lessons learned in her own recovery, Pamela created a method called Somatic Release--a synthesis of movement, sound and mindfulness for trauma resolution. This conversation is so rich it expanded to grant space as KJ and Pamela touch on everything from Entomology, religion and trauma healing through neuroplasticity. The body speaks its story loud and clear, and Pamela provides counsel on how to truly listen. 

Part One Takeaways

1. Our bodies are a wealth of information.  We are impactful and powerful when we bring awareness to our physical vessels. 

2.  We can release our body's stored energy (in a variety of forms- anger, grief, unaddressed trauma) once we reposition ourselves, turn inward, to actively create new pathways and habits. 

Question:  Are you willing to unlearn what you've been conditioned to do all this time?

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