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We Are The Catalysts | Ellen Yin

February 03, 2021 Ellen Yin Season 2 Episode 30
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
We Are The Catalysts | Ellen Yin
Show Notes

In this bright, buoyant episode, KJ welcomes entrepreneur and marketing strategist Ellen Yin to chat all the ways we women (of all colors, shapes, ages and sizes) can be the CEOs of our dream businesses and lives. We are the changemakers!

Topics today flow from Craigslist Baby Grand Pianos, Gilmore Girls ambitions and identifying priorities of cultivation for a successful business.  Ellen is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership teaching entrepreneurs who sell client services how to make their first $10K month - without a large audience.  She has been featured on the TODAY show with Hoda & Jenna and in several publications like Authority Magazine, BlogHer,  Databird Business Journal and Disrupt Magazine.

Ellen is also the host of the award-winning Cubicle to CEO Podcast, which features weekly interviews with successful female founders and has been downloaded in over 100 countries worldwide.

1. You CAN be paid using your skills and gifts and doing what excites you. 
2. Solutions come from taking action; dreams become fruition from experience 
3. Become aware when our lives and our schedules are in response to other peoples' urgencies and expectations. 
4. Consistent introspection is key- Ask yourself: What is the significance of this task? Does this have a significant, long term impact in my life?
5. Self Care and effective business building means investing in yourself, building knowledge and connections with strong mentors. 
6.  Prioritize and cultivate relationships above all else.

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