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Learning and Living Well | Lauren Bryson

February 10, 2021 KJ Hoard Nasrul/ Lauren Bryson Season 2 Episode 31
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
Learning and Living Well | Lauren Bryson
Show Notes

Connect with the powerful healing properties of food! Today KJ chats with Nutrition Consultant, Lauren Bryson.  Lauren  discovered the world of holistic healing after experiencing her own personal health crisis  in which she bounced in and out of hospitals for years and received countless unneeded prescriptions and misdiagnoses. Reclaiming her power, Lauren found remedies for her body imbalances using nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices.

Today's chat highlights Lauren's goal of educating and empowering clients in learning the healing properties of food (including the coolest gig- teaching Elementary school kids how to Cook For Life ) and the fascinating gut-brain connection.  Plus, listeners are introduced to the ultra sexy topic of microorganism communities  = The  Microbiome.

1.  Bio individuality means every body is different.
2.  Stay in tune with your own body, participate in intuitive eating. 
3.  Become  friends with nutrient-dense whole foods.
4. Avoid Nutrition Bandits like refined sugar, processed foods, artificial flavors, GMOs. 
5. Practice mindful eating, minimize distractions.
6. Plants are power. They are highly anti inflammatory, and super high in antioxidants. Plant rich diets are proven to lower risk of developing many chronic illnesses.
7. Our gut and brain are connected.  There is a link between our microbiome digestion and mood immunity and overall wellness.
8.  Accurate diagnoses maybe scary, but it also means you have Step One in your healing journey. 
9.   Nutrition Knowledge is powerful knowledge. 
10.  Be childlike in curiosity and wonder; use your five senses.
11.  Self Care activities can be small and intentional to create essential, lasting impact.

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