Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul

The Advocacy For Artistry | Adam Roberts

February 24, 2021 KJ Hoard Nasrul / Adam Roberts Season 2 Episode 33
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
The Advocacy For Artistry | Adam Roberts
Show Notes

Are the arts and creativity endangered species? KJ and Adam Roberts discuss the creative community's pivots at the one year anniversary of COVID's world premiere.  One of KJ's podcasting besties, Adam Roberts, is the founder of Arts in America, a media company moving the arts from the margins to the mainstream. He hosts the Arts in America podcast, exploring how creatives survive and thrive during a global pandemic and #BlackLivesMatter.

Adam has nearly twenty years of experience in nonprofit management with such organizations as the Huntington Theatre Company, Phillips Academy, and the Handel and Haydn Society. Join in this passionate conversation about saving arts from extinction at a time when they are needed most. 

1. Finding the innate good . There is good in all our tasks no matter how little, messy or uncomfortable. 

2. Priority and preciousness of now. We have been gifted this unique time with our loved ones. 

3. Creators and artists in America are vastly diverse.... though this is not reflected in mainstream communities. 

4. Devastation and tragedy awaits us if the arts cannot be supported in the rebuild, Post-COVID.  Now is the time for boards of directors, benefactors and sponsors to model and advocate for the essentialness of arts in America.   

5. Artists are survivors
. The creative community thrives in pivotal times. 

6. Self care can be nuanced, quiet and extremely profound…Tiny love letters may heal your sanity and your marriage. 

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