Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul

Be Powerfully Pain Free | Yvonne Castillo

March 11, 2021 KJ Hoard Nasrul / Yvonne Castillo Season 2 Episode 35
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
Be Powerfully Pain Free | Yvonne Castillo
Show Notes

This week, KJ welcomes Dr. Yvonne Castillo, a Pain-free Movement Specialist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.  Yvonne has cracked the code to getting and staying pain-free naturally, without endless painkillers, procedures or trips to the doc. As the founder of Perseverance Wellness Solutions, she’s helped over a thousand active adults stop chasing their symptoms with ineffective pills and procedures, and finally fix the true source of their pain with her proven 3S Mobility Method.

Today, KJ and Yvonne bring the attention back to the relationships we grow with our clients and the importance of modeling  healthy coping skills for our loved ones . Yvonne has over a decade of experience as a Pain-free Movement Specialist, holds a Doctorate and Masters in Physical Therapy and is a Certified Pilates instructor.  Her holistic philosophy of kindness and collaboration is inspired, and inspiring

Episode Takeaways: 

  1. View healing holistically, not with a fragmented focus on pain and injury. Your health, your pain points influence and impact all facets of your life
  2. Spend the time to be of service. Treat People as humans, not data. Value the relationships and  stories your patients bring. 
  3. We are the models.  What mentality or coping mechanisms are you teaching your loved ones? What messages are your kids learning from you?
  4. Think Long Term  and Big Picture.  Ask yourself: What can I do today that will improve my quality of life for the next 40 years?
  5. Be kind, listen,  and start where you are.  Acknowledge others and yourself not with judgment but with compassion and curiosity. 

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