Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul

Sacred Sound Part 2 | Deva Munay

September 01, 2021 Deva Munay Season 3 Episode 52
Stories of Astonishing Light with KJ Nasrul
Sacred Sound Part 2 | Deva Munay
Show Notes

** BIRTHDAY & NEW SEASON CELEBRATIONS  ** Today’s opening episode for the third season of SOAL is the nourishing, concluding conversation with Yoga & Meditation teacher and Certified Sound Healer Deva Munay.  In the first part of this conversation [Episode 49], we learned that Deva’s home community had perished in a California wildfire earlier this year, and friends and neighbors came together in a mission to raise money for a rebuild. And during such already charged times,  Deva separated from her longtime love. We ponder ways we recover from such  layered devastation and grief.  


  • Deva's mantra: Hold to the center. 
  • Inquiries: What is the Divine Plan? Is this for our protection?   
  • Response: We must learn to entrust that something will be there to hold us in our journey through destruction and pain. 
  • Inquiry: How can we be nourished while we encounter and discard old patterns?
  • Response: Follow the sound. 

Please enjoy a mini sound bowl healing session (about 14 minutes long)  Deva created exclusively for SOAL listeners in this soothing, quiet season premiere.

Episode Mentions: 

  • Deva's Website SacredSound.Love 
  • Listen to excerpts of Deva's  sound journeys 
  • Instagram @DevaMunay 
  • Ep 52 Background Music: Original Piano Composition by KJ Nasrul 
  • Show Intro & Outro Music:  Canada Lo Res by Pictures Of The Floating World 

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