Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast

Dancing in Heels - Commercial Dance vs. Theatre Dance

May 26, 2022 Impact Dance Adjudicators Season 3 Episode 105
Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast
Dancing in Heels - Commercial Dance vs. Theatre Dance
Show Notes

Guests - Monica Giavanna and Skye Mattox

Hosted By - Courtney Ortiz and Lesley Mealor

In Episode 105 of Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast, we tackle the wonderful world of dancing in heels! From commercial dance to theatre jazz, there are a surprising amount of things to consider when adding a few inches to your shoes! Joining us today are professional dancers Skye Mattox and Monica Giavanna to give you some helpful hints for dancing in heels.

Topics Include:

  •  Why heels training is important
  •  The differences between dancing in heels in the commercial world and the theatre world
  •  How to incorporate heels training in the studio

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