Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast

The Role of Race in Dance

December 10, 2020 Impact Dance Adjudicators Season 2 Episode 41
Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast
The Role of Race in Dance
Show Notes

Guests - Michelle Tolson and Max Vasapoli
Hosted By - Courtney Ortiz and Lesley Mealor

In Episode 41 of Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast, Courtney and Lesley are joined by IDA judges and teachers Michelle Tolson and Max Vasapoli for an important conversation on the role of race in the dance world.

Topics Include:

  •  Why representation matters
  •  Strategies for implementing inclusive practices in the studio
  •  Personal stories from our guests on what it was like growing up as dancers of color

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International Association of Blacks in Dance
Black Dancewear Companies

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