Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast

Hip-Hop: The Foundation and Fundamentals

March 25, 2021 Impact Dance Adjudicators Season 2 Episode 56
Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast
Hip-Hop: The Foundation and Fundamentals
Show Notes

Guests - Voltaire Wade-Greene & John Comix Barella
Hosted By - Courtney Ortiz and Lesley Mealor

In Episode 56 of Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast, Courtney and Lesley are excited to finally cover one of the hottest topics in the competitive dance world - hip hop! Your hosts are joined by two leading hip hop dancers and educators in the industry, Voltaire Wade-Greene and John Comix Barella, to go deep into the rich history of hip hop culture, and discuss how the genre translates into the studio and competitive dance world.

Topics Include:

  •  A brief history of hip hop's origins
  •  What fundamentals of hip hop are "musts" in the studio world
  •  The differences between true hip hop and movement that is hip hop influenced, and why it matters

The blog that inspired this episode was released in April 2019, and titled “Bringing Hip Hop To the Competitive Stage”. Read now!

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Check out our guests' current projects!

  • The "Essentials" store at is full of training material designed for dance teachers. E-books on hip hop class structure, technique, games, etc.. Videos breaking down key movements..and services such as custom choreography or curriculum creation. 
  • The Redef Movement is currently auditioning new dancers to join our company. 
  • Dance Recast is a new nonprofit aimed at providing programs to present and future generations of the BIPOC community.

Check out some of the resources we spoke about in the episode!
- The Freshest Kids: The History of The B-Boy
- Hip Hop Evolution

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