Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast

Studio Spotlight - Larkin Dance Studio

January 06, 2022 Impact Dance Adjudicators Season 3 Episode 85
Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast
Studio Spotlight - Larkin Dance Studio
Show Notes

Guests: Michele Wagner, Molly Symanietz & Mackenzie Symanietz
Hosts: Courtney Ortiz & Lesley Mealor

What do you get when you combine a 70 year legacy, a family full of dancers, and a desire to help every child be the best they can be? You get Larkin Dance Studio out of St. Paul, Minnesota! The Larkin Legacy continues to develop phenomenal talent, with the studio being awarded Elite Top Dance Studio at Showbiz for the past 3 years, and receiving the distinction of Studio of the Year at The Dance Awards in 2016. Current owners Michele, Molly and Mackenzie sit down with us today on Making the Impact to share more about Larkin Dance Studio!

Check out some of their dancers in action! 

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