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Two Church Girls and a Microphone
Episode 9: That Church Conference Recap - We are Back!
September 27, 2018 Two Church Girls
Two Church Girls and a Microphone

Episode 9: That Church Conference Recap - We are Back!

September 27, 2018

Two Church Girls

Our first episode in a while and we are talking That Church Conference. We are back on a new schedule and have some great episodes in store. We discuss a few insights that stuck out to us from That Church conference in this episode. You can find more information about on-demand videos of the session at Speaker mentioned in this Episode: Nona Jones - @nonanotnora Phil Bowdle - @philbowdle Mike Lukaszewski - @mlukaszewski That Church Conference - @ThatChurchConf
Our first episode in a while and we are talking That Church Conference. We are back on a new schedule and have some great episodes in store. We discuss a few insights that stuck out to us from That Church conference in this episode. You can find more information about on-demand videos of the session at Speaker mentioned in this Episode: Nona Jones - @nonanotnora Phil Bowdle - @philbowdle Mike Lukaszewski - @mlukaszewski That Church Conference - @ThatChurchConf

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:13Welcome to the podcast to church girls and a microphone helping you create strategy, build community and keeping it real church communications. And here are the hosts of your show, Megan and Jeanette.

Speaker 2:0:34Well. Well, well. Hello Megan. Hello. It is wonderful to be back to church girl and a microphone nation. It's been awhile. It has been awhile. So should I do our official like opening spiel intro, please do. Okay. Well hello there everyone. It's to church girls in a microphone while we're here helping you build strategy. No. Create strategy, build community and keep it real. And Church communications, which as you can see, even if we don't always get it right, we always keep it real. So that's what's your tip it real. That is, that's one thing that we want to release and we're not going to cut this out. It's just going to be the way it is. We're just rolling with it. Worked at it.

Speaker 2:1:26Don't keep real. That's US keeping it real. So I'm just wondering before we get started, why don't you tell him what we're going to talk about tonight? First, and then I want to say something. So we just kind of reunited, fell so good at that church conference. So we're going to basically pick out two things that really stuck out to either both of us, I'm the most from this conference and talk about it and just have some final fit and then we'll move on from there. We promise to keep it short though. It was kind of our goal. Yes. That's our new. We're gonna. Keep it real and keep it short. Keep a timer. How would that. That'll be good. Well, before we get started, I do want to give a shout out to all of church girl nation that was represented at that church conference.

Speaker 2:2:11I mean that room was filled with women in ministry and that was just so awesome. And then are we had all those great female speakers and just. It was, it was awesome. Yeah. So that was really great. And I loved getting to meet some people for the first time in person and then just kind of reuniting with some of my, some of my people, um, men and women alike. I'm just up at that conference and it was just like a family reunion. You now like it sounds should be. Yeah, it was great. One thing that I love most about this community is that, so yeah. So when we were at the conference just yesterday, we were trying to figure out, um, okay, so we want to do a quick podcast about our takeaway is, and we decided that we could basically just read our notes from every session because it was all just golden.

Speaker 2:3:04Um, but we decided to go and just pick just two of our favorite things and of course, you know, we'll probably end coming podcasts and the coming weeks kind of a touch. Go back and touch on some of the other stuff we learned. But tonight we just want to hit you with just two of the things that really struck us. And so I was, I'm kind of blown away with the first speaker on the second day who is known a Jones and she is the faith based partnership person for facebook. So that's a miss. I don't remember her exact title, but I know she works in faith based partnerships and she works for facebook, which I think is pretty awesome. Oh, and by the way, she also is a, is a church planter or a. She has a church with her husband and the good old Gainesville, Florida go gators. Um, anyway, so, um, anyway, she had a lot to say about really how to use social media to fulfill the, the great commandment that go and um, or the great commission go and make disciples and to have the things, you know, she had a great talk, but the two things that really just wowed me when she said this is her vision for her job at facebook. And she said, oh, her vision is a world where everyone can be connected to and discipled through a digital church community.

Speaker 2:4:37So that was really profound to me. And then her mission, which ties into our vision obviously says to build a world of disciples in dirt digital church communities. So she wants to take the idea of church online or digital church from this just idea of online streaming and really equip churches to, um, not just be a place to go, but, uh, but to create a digital space where people have a place to go where they can be in community to be not only, you know, get the word of God, get the sermon, but to be discipled and connected with other individuals. And when you think about it, when we, when we're typically talking about church communications, we're talking about communications calendars and Margaret getting schedules and social, how to do social media graphics and all these practical things which were very important in all components of those. But I think she really just laid it out there. Like this is the real goal to make disciples. And it just was a complete, um, you know, affirmation of just some of the things that, you know, we kind of say that all the time, but just for her to really say no. Like she believes this can happen. That we can really do more than

Speaker 3:5:58just live streaming. But we can create groups that are, um, not just one way because I know I have, there are some groups that I'm involved in this seem like it's always the administrator of the group doing the thing, but you know, to have groups that are, um, connecting and encouraging and equipping and coming alongside one another, just like it says to do in scripture. So I just thought that was really profound and I really liked that. That really kind of lit a fire under me. There was some preaching the second day. It was pretty good. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So I think the one thing that I'd like to touch on waste tonight, so Mike Luka Zeus key, he is the founder of church fuel not open and get that wrong. Um, but I loved what he said. He's like the ordinary is what feed organizations and yet they are the things that often get left behind.

Speaker 3:6:55And I think what that said to an entire room of communicators and the church is that what we do matters. Yes. Because what we do often is the ordinary day to day stuff that often people don't think about happening, you know, it's, it's the things we communicate on a daily basis. And he said, it's not, it's not the sheet. He said, you know, the, the everyday is more important than the big day. Um, you know, I thought for an entire room of people that are in the trenches is what they, you know, we say, you know, just doing a day in and day out, what I'm a matter of validation and, you know, what, what, uh, to hear those words was, you know, wow. And so for me that, that meant we have to pay even more attention though. So the ordinary things that we do and do them with intention, um, and realize that the ordinary is going to gain influence. Um, you know, and when we speak the words, uh, online and when we communicate online, it's just not something that we do in passing. Like it has to be done intentionally. So often I think we get caught in this cycle of I got to create something, I got to create something. I got to create something because I got to hit the schedule. You've got to have something out there and we don't do it intentionally, but if the ordinary matters more than the big day, then those ordinary things has to be done intentionally.

Speaker 3:8:24I just thought his whole talk was, was really good. And um, and he got me thinking about what are the ordinary things that I, I need to do better because sometimes you also talked about that idea of like we spend so much time getting ready for Christmas or Easter or a big thing and he's like, what if we took that much effort and put it into that? What? Something that happens every Sunday. Every. Yeah. Studying for that big task. Well, if I had studied all the time, yeah, no, I'd already know the information if we did and had all the effort that we put into

Speaker 2:8:56those big events. If we do that every day, imagine how much better that communication is going to be a. So I liked him. Um, who's your next one? So again, like I had a really hard time narrowing it down, but I really was another thing that really kind of lit my fire or like just kinda got it, like got me, got that passion sparked up again, which is another thing I love about that church conference. Like just about the time I'm feeling burnout because fall has hit and I'm all stressed. I go there and I get this breath of fresh air. But when fill a bottle, is that how you say his name? I'm sorry. Phil. Phil is a friend of our friend of our pod and we can't even pronounce his last name. I'm sorry. I'm still, we're sleep deprived. Pronounce People's names either. So we're in.

Speaker 2:9:50Good. That's true. That's true. So Phil, um, the name of his talk was rethinking communication and he was talking about how there's a new reality of communications and um, that we, you know, because attend the, there's a shift in the attendance, you know, of churches. The people who used to, you know, back in 20 years ago, people used to come to church more often. Now they don't, we can't, we can't communicate the same way because we used to just be able to say stuff on Sundays, they would hear it. Now we can't because they're not there. And so we had to rethink communications and then he said at the beginning of his talk, he said, attendance isn't our goal. Discipleship is. And then he went through a bunch of different ways to think about our goal is church communicators as being discipleship and then how do we navigate you through this, the way things are changing, how do we shift?

Speaker 2:10:54And so we talked a lot to us about leadership and how we, we, um, can, you know, we need to lead through this. We as the church communicator see this shift happening probably more so than some of our other staff members. And so we have to be the champions for me, you know, that's true, right? I mean we get, we see it, we're more in the trenches of what's happening with the shift and communications and so we need to be the champion for the shift. But after he did this, you know, all of these things. About how to pitch your ideas, how does he share your, you know, how to dream outside the box, outside of the box, how to do all this stuff. This was his last, like a, his last rally and cry and I just love this. His last point, his last name point was to remember that we, we need to not make it more difficult than it is.

Speaker 2:11:48We need to keep it simple. And, and the, and then he said, we need to put Jesus on display. So when we're trying to figure out the best way to do things, put Jesus on display. When we're thinking about what to post, how to post all these things, are we putting Jesus on display? And then he quoted this verse from Matthew Sixteen, 18, I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And um, to that he said if we put Jesus on display in, it changes everything. If we lift him up he will do the work. So that was a big reminder to me that, you know, and back to what you were just saying about intentionality. Like when we were posting, you know what, a lot of times what I, what I do when I'm trying to figure out my plan for the next couple of weeks as I say, okay, what can I do that shares the story of what God is doing in and through the people of our church?

Speaker 2:12:47That's what I want to share online because that's, that puts Jesus on display, that puts God on display. What, what is he doing now? It's not about what our members, how awesome our members are. It's not how God is using our members and working through our members to do various things are working through people in our community. Maybe it's not even our members. Maybe it's just partnerships in our community. And so I just really loved that, you know, that was just like, yeah, you know, he's already won, you know, you know, Jesus is. Jesus is already on the threatened. So that was just really powerful, man. I just, I just loved, you know, I'm a real, um, you know, I need that inspiration. I'll need the practical stuff. Certainly that I need that reminder that, you know, even if there's, you know, the bulletins don't get printed or you know, all the, all the minor things don't, you know, something happens that Jesus is still on the throne and he has, he has already prevailed. He will prevail.

Speaker 3:13:45Yeah. So I don't know that I need to, to add another one because I think it's just helpful to be reminded of why we do this. We talk about this all the time. You know, we have already done a podcast on why we do this is not, you know, I think it was known of it. It's not about the number of likes, you know, my, what did she say she had? She had an incredible statement. I don't know whether it's in my notes or it's on twitter. She said, you know, it's not, it's not about how many people have liked your post. It's how many people basically have come to Jesus through you.

Speaker 2:14:31Yeah. It's not how many, it's not how many people are following us. This is how many people are following Jesus through us.

Speaker 3:14:36You know, man, drop the mic. And I thought that we, we miss it, you know, whether it's personally or whether it's through the church and the organization that we work for, if we're not constantly, again, pointing people to the reason they were doing this. Stop doing it right. It's not, it's not about us, it's not, it's not about the likes plan, about the, the numbers that it is, because the number is equal. People know it. It's about the reason and the intentionality of why we're doing this. We're doing this to change lives. And so to grow the kingdom, we're not, we're not doing this for by reality. And it is just so helpful to be reminded of that because we do get caught in that cycle of, man, I only got 200 rechanneling got a thousand, Rachel, Charlie got a tent. You know, whatever your numbers are [inaudible]. But who did you reach for the Kingdom today? Right? Did somebody get pointed closer to Jesus today? You know, that that's, that shouldn't be our focus.

Speaker 2:15:39Well, and that also, I know we got to go, but that also might affect your promotion strategy because if you're only promoting and talking about things with the mindset of this is going to reach the most people, this is going to get the most engagement, things like that you may miss out on the opportunity to reach that one person that really needs it. Right? Right. I got one minute left. How would that. Well, uh, so likely said I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up. Like we said at the beginning, we are going to be probably talking about more of these sessions in the coming weeks because as we were trying to decide what we wanted to talk about tonight, we were like, oh, we could do a whole podcast on that one. No, but then we also have something new coming up. We're going to start doing a little something a little different in addition to meg and I have two girls and a microphone getting together, um, uh, to record podcasts.

Speaker 2:16:36We're also going to be starting to interview some of the women we know in ministry just to kind of connect with them and see what's going on with the other members of the church roll nation, uh, that are doing some great work I'm creating, I'm creating strategy, building community and keeping it real and church communication so we don't want to invite them to be a part of this and share what they've learned and how they're growing as church communicators and as followers of Christ. So yeah, so we're gonna be doing that soon. You stay tuned. I've already got a couple of things lined up. I'm excited. Alright, you guys, we're going to say goodbye for now and we hope to see you real soon. Remember to check us out on twitter at [inaudible] church girls facebook ad to church, girls in a microphone and we didn't have a website and we have a website. [inaudible] DOT com. Yes. Okay. Alright. You guys back? We're glad to be back. We look forward to talking to you saying, come, come hang out with us on the social.

Speaker 1:17:43Wow.

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