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Marla's Travel Tips
Marla's Travel Tips 18:24 Three Things To Understand About Carnival Operations at Fairs 29:14 Five Things To Know About the Mobile Concession Business Today 23:39 The Four Ways IAFE Has Helped Our County Fairs 28:03 Keys to Strategic Planning Success 26:31 One Great Idea for a Local Community Partnership 24:17 The Top 4 Priorities for a Safe and Secure Fairgrounds Today 29:02 2 Critical Elements for Developing Impactful Relationships with Elected Officials 27:56 The Six Metrics That Matter 33:39 8 Themes for New Revenue Generation 27:48 10 Years of YPI 29:09 Five Pro Tips for Successful Grant Writing 28:09 Top Three Strategies for Fulfilling Your Fair’s Mission 28:33 Five Things COVID Taught Us as a Leader 30:33 Three Ideas for Restoring Consumer Confidence in Live Events 24:36 Three International Perspectives on Agricultural Fairs & Shows in 2021 27:46 First Fairs of 2021 30:13 Top 5 Things for Making the Most of Your IAFE Membership 24:43 5 Ideas for Community Engagement 20:21 Looking Ahead to 2021 - Top 4 Changes to Look for in Concerts & Entertainment At Fairs 30:55 Top 3 Things to Think About When Producing a Virtual Fair or Virtual Livestock Show 28:15 5 Things I Learned Holding a Fair during a Pandemic 30:56 5-6-7-8. With The Health Department You Cannot Wait 26:32 5 Best Practices for the Fair & Carnival Relationship: 2020 & Beyond 25:46 5 Things I Learned Holding a Virtual Fair During a Pandemic 28:38