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The Power of Storytelling with Michelle Auerbach

November 23, 2020 Jules De Vitto Season 1 Episode 8
Highly Sensitive Humans Podcast
The Power of Storytelling with Michelle Auerbach
Highly Sensitive Humans Podcast
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Show Notes

In this episode, Michelle Auerbach talks about the power of storytelling as a trauma aware technology for change. We discuss how storytelling can be used as a tool for highly sensitive people to help us co-regulate, calm our nervous systems and take away the difficulties of change. 

Michelle and I met when our books were published alongside each other in the Resilience Series – a series of books to support people through the COVID-19 Crisis. We dive into her latest book, 'The Life Saving Skill of Story.'

 Michelle Auerbach is an author, speaker and storyteller and she holds a Masters of Fine Arts in prose writing from Naropa University. She is completing her PhD with her dissertation on story as a technology for trauma aware change for individuals, organisations and communities. She has published two novels, Alice Modern and The Third Kind of Horse along with her recently published, ‘The Life Saving Skill of Story’ as part of the Resilience Series. She writes for the New York Times and The London Guardian.

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Resilience: The Life-Saving Skill of Story

More about your host, Jules De Vitto...

Jules is a transpersonal orientated coach and educator who is experienced at helping Highly Sensitive People overcome anxiety, stress and burnout. Jules is Highly Sensitive herself and is passionate about helping Highly Sensitive People to step into their authentic power. She lived in Asia for eleven years before moving to London and integrates Eastern practises and modern-day mindfulness into her work.

She has a degree in Psychology, an MA in Education and an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She’s a published author through Changemaker Books and John Hunt Publishers and wrote

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About the Host: Jules De Vitto has a BSc in Psychology, MA in Education and MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality. She is the founder of Highly Sensitive Humans - an online community that offers courses, coaching, articles and a podcast for Highly Sensitive People. She helps those who identify with the traits of high sensitivity to navigate emotional overwhelm, step into their authentic power and align with their true purpose in life.

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