Lies & Garbage Show

Can He/She Master The Bate Without You?!?

March 01, 2022 Sasha Monet & Ty Wonder Season 4 Episode 10
Lies & Garbage Show
Can He/She Master The Bate Without You?!?
Show Notes

Can you believe it's March already? In this episode of the Lies & Garbage show we get into all the current events:

  • Kanye and his new streaming device,  new album (Donda 2) and his Netflix special. Have you tuned in to either yet? Sasha and Ty both discuss their appreciation for Kanye and thoughts about his current state of affairs. 
  • Ty's enlightenment  about just BEliving and be-ing. 
  • Both hosts discuss their love for what they do at Inner Diva Fitness and how much the studio and empowerment means to them personally and professionally. {}
  • Sasha hints on her new sensual embodiment coaching program coming soon. 
  • Oysters. We love them. Non paid ad for Sea Level in Charlotte NC
  • Both ladies discuss being a "boss" woman and finding a life/work balance as entrepreneurs, Mom's and wife for Sasha.
  • Sasha was supposed to attend the All Star Wknd but who wanted to go to Ohio in the winter? Sasha share s a few thoughts about seeing the weekend unfold as well as the feeling seeing Steph win the Kobe award. 
  • Seamless plug for our production company:  TyChi Productions. {}

And for our main topic:
What do you do if you walk in and see your partner pleasuring themself without you? How do you even get to having this conversation with a prospective partner? Are you joining/watching or cursing/stomping? Do you like pleasure with toys?

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