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Empty Balls & A Side Piece With D*ck In Her Mouth & Pissy A** Throat?!?

June 10, 2022 Sasha Monet, Ty Wonder & Special Guest Tika Season 4 Episode 16
Lies & Garbage Show
Empty Balls & A Side Piece With D*ck In Her Mouth & Pissy A** Throat?!?
Show Notes

Whewww...welcome to June & more random ass shenanigans from your pod besties Sasha & Ty. In this episode we welcome our sister that we literally threw on the mic, Tika!

In this episode we discuss: 

  • We straight threw Tika on the d*ck! Oops. 
  • Showcase season is OVER! Whew. We had our spring/summer showcase "Welcome to the Lair" at Inner Diva Fitness. We share all the incredible business thoughts about building an effective team and all the steamy, sexy BDSM showcase moments. Were you there? If not, you truly missed an incredible pole, aerial & dance show!
  • Should you suck your man's d*ck every morning? Does the help him be happy? How many hours does it take for his balls to feel back up?
  • Did we just discover why Sasha is always running to the bathroom? Who's fault is it?
  • What the hell is wrong with Ty? Is she daydreaming about the d*ck? What the hell has she been doing lately? Or who....
  • Michael Blackson says he has to have a side chick and his main girl has to understand it. What do you think?
  • Do women love sex more than men? Who has the higher sex drive?
  • What did Sasha tell her daughter when her youngest accidentally caught them in the act?
  • Should men be able to cheat in peace? What's with the "community d*ck" mindset?
  • Sooo he peed in old girl's mouth for real? That's a thing? Are all women who suck d*ck have pissy ass throats? Is that the equivalent to a female squirter?

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