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What's a Capricorn's Fav Position?

December 25, 2022 Ty Wonder Season 5 Episode 1
Lies & Garbage Show
What's a Capricorn's Fav Position?
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Welcome back to the award winning Lies & Garbage Show! It's a new season and a new er-thang around here!

Tap in as we discuss all the new changes and wrap up 2022 on a high note.


What's Yo Position - Capricorn edition: - It's Capricorn season! What should you do in the bedroom caps? I've got a few no cap tips for the Caps.

The Rising: The Rising is back! Mercury is about to go into retrograde. You hear that a lot and a lot of people always assume it means there is so much What does that mean? Which signs are affected the most? Listen into see what this could possibly mean until it's over.

Heighten Your Sensuality: In this episode, we talk about lips and sensuality. Ty leans in and discusses how they kids to use her lips as a negative and how she's learned to embrace them and use them to heighten her sensuality. If you're hesitant about putting up lipstick ladies, Ty discusses how to start using lipstick to make yourself feel bold and confident. She didn't leave the Kings out. There's a tip for you too! Lips are sexy and sensual regardless of gender. All lips should be kissable. 

Lastly, Ty gets candid about all of the unexpected craziness and changes since the last episode. 

Thanks for listening to the all new Lies and Garbage Show! We are so excited for the future of the show in 2023! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! 

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New Er'Thang!
Happy Capricorn Season! What position should you be in?
The Rising Segment
Heighten Your Sensuality: Lip Tips
Wrap Up: Transparent Moment