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It Was A Fast A*, And The Water Was Wet, But WTF Is A Unicorn?

January 25, 2023 Ty Wonder; Miles Phoenix Season 5 Episode 2
Lies & Garbage Show
It Was A Fast A*, And The Water Was Wet, But WTF Is A Unicorn?
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In this episode of the award winning Lies & Garbage show, your host Ty Wonder speaks with the handsome mic virgin Miles Phoenix (Ty never gets his name right in the episode! SMH)  about sex, sensuality, and spirituality with no lies and garbage. This conversation is definitely not safe for work without headphones or the kiddos!

Miles talks about how sensuality affects the African American community. What DOES sensuality mean to men? How does it affect them.

Miles and Ty also discuss untraditional relationship such as polygamy and polyamory. Are they a safe bet or are they a no go? Does communication about them matter? Does it de-value the relationship?  How does sexuality and spirituality connect in the black community for Miles?

Prince vs MJ? Which one is a favorite?

That waterbottle though...that water was so wet...

Stay tuned for the new show: Cufflinks and Sticks  hosted by Miles, coming in March 2023.

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