Lies & Garbage Show

We Be Thottin For Frisky Girl Fall! Soooo Should He Ejaculate?

November 18, 2021 Sasha Monet, & Ty Wonder Season 3 Episode 6
Lies & Garbage Show
We Be Thottin For Frisky Girl Fall! Soooo Should He Ejaculate?
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We Be Thottin! "Hot Girl Summer" is over, so we guess it's a "Frisky Girl Fall"

In this episode we discuss:

  • She said it in her track "Thot Sh*t" she was gonna do in 2021, and she meant it! Megan Thee Stallion is about to graduate from college.  Did you see her photos? They were absolutely stunning!

  • Unpacking anxiety/overwhelm. Is that a thing? We discuss the real struggle of unpacking as Ty Wonder continues to get order in her new spot. Do we all have squirrel syndrome? 

  • Sasha Monet's trick to get Ty to be somewhere on time. Does she not respect time or is she doing too much? Why are people are chronically late?

  • We dropped some BIG NEWS about the show, Ty's production company TyChi Productions, Sasha's companies Defiantly Chic & Loom Chic and what the power in collaboration means for Sasha & Ty professionally and spiritually. 

  • The show anniversary with Ty & Sasha is coming around the corner on December 1st, which is a huge day! Stay tuned for a giveaway. 

  • The Scenario: Per Kevin Gates: Should men ejaculate during sex? 


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We Be Thottin
Megan Thee Stallion Showed Her A** & Still Went To Class
Ty's Getting Order & We All Got Squirrel Syndrome
Sasha's Trick To Get Ty On Time. SMH
The Scenario: Per Kevin Gates - Men Shouldn't Ejaculate When They Have S*x