Tea Talk With Ty

2022 Is Coming In Hot! Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

December 09, 2021 Ty Wonder Season 4 Episode 6
Tea Talk With Ty
2022 Is Coming In Hot! Whatcha Gonna Do About It?
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Here comes 2022 and it's coming in HOT! This is the time of year where people begin to make their new resolutions and re-evaluate the year before they begin to celebrate the holidays. There are quite a few reasons why "New Years Resolutions" fail. The resolution or goal is too broad and can't be measured. Sometimes the goal or resolution is just way too ambitious and can't happen within a year.

As a #goaldigger, you clearly have BIG goals. Sometimes our ambition gets the best of us and we set goals that our tough because we set the bar sooo high and don't know how to streamline our ambition.

In this episode, lean in and grab your tea as host Ty Wonder gives you 4 major tips to help you strategize your goals/resolutions for 2022 efficiently. 

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Hello and Welcome!
Andy Mineo & Lecrae "Coming In Hot"
What's The "Goal Digging" Plan for 2022?
Self Reflection Moment: What Lessons Did 2021 Teach You?
Ty's Personal Lesson #1 - Trusting My Own Power
Ty's Personal Lesson #2 - Trauma Functioning
So What Lessons Did YOU Learn?
Growth Assignment: Write Down 3 Lessons
Go Deeper: How Can Those Make You Goal Dig For 2022?
Now Let's Streamline Them: 12 & 12 then 3 & 3
Closer: You Got This!
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