Tea Talk With Ty

Affirmations For A Goal Digging 2022 But First, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!

December 31, 2021 Ty Wonder Season 4 Episode 9
Tea Talk With Ty
Affirmations For A Goal Digging 2022 But First, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!!
Show Notes

We made it! Tomorrow starts the journey of a brand spanking year and I'm ready to open 2022 and all the incredible things it will bring with open arms. This episode is all about giving you all incredible affirmations to reflect on to bring in your new year, but first we must DELETE!

If it doesn't serve us, we must delete it. All of it. We discuss what types of things I (Ty) are personally deleting as well as mentioning the things you must delete too!

Here are a few of the affirmations you may want to write down or copy and paste. Check my "highlight's in the Instagram so you can screenshot and save if that's more your style. 

  • You are deserving of the life you want!

  • Let all the doors that are not closed for you tighten so the ones FOR you will be open wide. 

  • May 2022 be the year that the mountains you built without doubt dissappear because of your actions. 

  • May 2022 be the year to work hard, be consistent and have patience. It's coming. All of it! Believe it!

  • May 2022 be the year for the doors, deals, friendships, partnerships and relationships that had an undesired result make sense so you begin to see the beauty for your ashes. 

                                                 May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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