Tea Talk With Ty

Your Focus Ain't It Sis/Bro!

January 24, 2022 Ty Wonder Season 5 Episode 2
Tea Talk With Ty
Your Focus Ain't It Sis/Bro!
Show Notes

Focus is a word we throw around but are you REALLY focused?  This is the time to really go back and evaluate how your focus is so your month 2 of 2022 can be more successful.

In this episode Ty Wonder, goes deep with the 4 below ways your focus can be off and specific ways in how you can accomplish moving in the best direction with focus.

1 - Eliminate Sneaky Distractions! There are so many things you don't realize are distracting you.

2- Don't Look! What do Black Caviar, Peppers Pride & Eclipse all have in common? They run only looking forward. So should you. Your only glance should serve a purpose.

3- Track Your Results! Don't wait until the END of the month or year to track your results. Track them more frequently so you can see your distractions.

4 - Self Care Is VITAL! You have to love yourself enough to make sure you put yourself care a priority.

May all your dreams come true in 2022!!!!

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