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Net Neutrality, Part I
October 13, 2017 Winning Edits
Join Hyperlink contributor Ray Sylvester as he reveals the incredibly complex issue underlying a simple term: net neutrality. The best way to understand it, he explains, is to ask yourself a simple question: Should your internet service provider be selling you bandwidth, or should your ISP be selling you content? Should your ISP get to choose what you have access to? It’s a simple question at the core of what could be the defining issue of the information age. The issue is heating up, sprouting movements like the Save the Internet coalition. Is the internet as we know it in danger? What’s on the horizon? Ray takes us inside the battle in Part I of a series on Net Neutrality. Learn more about Hyperlink Radio, a proud production of Winning Edits, at HyperlinkRadio.io.
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