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When Brands Get Political: an Interview with Dave Simnick of SoapBox
November 30, 2017 Winning Edits
In January, a travel ban was signed by President Donald Trump, prompting backlash from prominent brands and CEOs, a Twitter campaign to delete Uber, and general chaos. But aside from the turmoil, the events prompted some critical questions: Should brands become politically involved? If so, how? Where's the line? (Is there a line?) Here today to answer some of those questions and dive deep into the future of activism on the part of CEOs and brands is Dave Simnick, CEO and Co-Founder of SoapBox soaps. SoapBox doesn't just make excellent, thoughtfully-crafted soaps, they have a give back component to their mission, donating bars of soap and clean water in the US and abroad. What implications does political engagement have for a brand like SoapBox? What does the future hold for the ways we interact with our brands? Dave shares his thoughts on these questions and more with our Editor-in-Chief Janna Marlies Maron, offering an insider's perspective to the world of social goodness brands, politics, and the future of commerce.
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