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Hyperlink Radio: Brands, Technology, and News
Earholes & Eyeballs: What We're Listening To, Watching, Reading, and More!
April 05, 2018 Winning Edits: Delivering Stories About the Future of Commerce, Technology, and the World Around Us
On Season 2, Episode 7 of Hyperlink Radio, Non Wels sits down with fellow teammates, Sara Jane, Mindy Holahan Peters, and David Grabowski to talk about some of our favorite recent podcasts we're listening to, books we're reading, and music we're jamming to. It's another iteration of Earholes and Eyeballs on Hyperlink Radio! In this episode, in addition to what's keeping our eyes and earholes happy, we also take a moment and remind ourselves of the things in our lives that inspire each of us, and the small, sometimes unforeseen joys we take for granted in our daily lives.
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