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Brands that Give Back - an Interview with Out of Print Co-Founder Todd Lawton
April 19, 2018 Winning Edits: Delivering Stories About the Future of Commerce, Technology, and the World Around Us
On Season 2, Episode 9 of Hyperlink Radio, Non Wels interviews Out of Print Co-Founder Todd Lawton about the transformative, magical world of books. Out of Print celebrates this literary magic, increasing literacy in the process. Non and Todd talk about the origin story of Out of Print: How a passion for books turned into a successful, mission-driven brand. Through the conversation, specifics are revealed about how Out of Print celebrates a nerd-status love of books while also sparking social progress.

If you're a bibliophile then you're in good company! The story of Out of Print is a critical example of how a brand can celebrate its passion while also bettering the world around it. This is what happens when book nerds start a business. The result is pretty awesome.

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