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#31 Should I Watch Love Island?
June 14, 2018 James Cary & Barry Cooper

Barry and James discuss crucial questions about Love Island, whether they should even talk about it given they haven’t actually seen it, and how some things that are seen cannot be unseen. They also end up talking about the Reformation, horror movies and a war film called Come and See. Oh, and the Bible. To be fair, it goes on a bit. Like this blurb. Maybe the real lesson here is about editing. Hard to say. Arguments on both sides.

An Experiment in Criticism by CS Lewis

Thomas Becket: Warrior, Priest, Rebel, Victim: A 900-Year-Old Story Retold by John Guy

The Voices of Morebath: Reformation and Rebellion in an English Village by Eamon Duffy

The Burning Time by Virginian Rounding

A Better Story By Glyn Harrison

Theme Music by Roger Taylor

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