Mind Wrench Podcast

Episode #39 - The 'Perfect" message with Rob Dial

June 07, 2021 Rick Selover Episode 39
Mind Wrench Podcast
Episode #39 - The 'Perfect" message with Rob Dial
Show Notes

Episode Notes: 

I’m really excited to share today’s message with all of you… it is the “perfect” topic, one that’s been on my mind and that I’ve wanted to talk about, for quite some time.

This week I have something that checks all the boxes, it’s the “perfect” message, on the “perfect” subject, that relates “perfectly” to our industry and I can really relate to at many levels.

Recently I was listening to the Mindset Mentor and came across a message in an episode I just HAD to share… a message on perfectionists, and how it can affect your productivity.

Well, let’s listen in as Rob Dial explains how the idea of trying to make things “perfect” is just an illusion, “perfect” doesn’t really exist and the only thing we accomplish in our quest for perfection is killing our productivity!

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