Mind Wrench Podcast

Episode #40 - Making an IMPACT!

June 21, 2021 Rick Selover Episode 40
Mind Wrench Podcast
Episode #40 - Making an IMPACT!
Show Notes

Episode Notes: 

Ever had someone say or do something to you, or for you, that totally shifted your attitude, changed mindset or the way you look at things?

Have you noticed the drastic change in your life, or your outlook on life, from a world event, natural disaster, birth of your child, change of career or something as simple as getting your driver’s license?

Join us this week, as we discover the variety of ways we are “impacted” by the events & people around us in our lives, realize the amount of impact we make on those in our life, and through my little golf story... how we can always choose to make positive “impacts” on others!  


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