Mind Wrench Podcast

Episode #42 - Mentoring... what the world needs right now!

July 05, 2021 Rick Selover Episode 42
Mind Wrench Podcast
Episode #42 - Mentoring... what the world needs right now!
Show Notes

Episode Notes: 

Did you know that since Q1 of 2020, more individuals than ever want a mentor, and more organizations are trying to provide mentoring in the workplace as a learning and development initiative?

As the millennial generation becomes the majority of the workforce, will the outgoing generation of retiring baby-boomer techs be the ones to provide the much-needed mentoring they will need?

Join us this week, as we illuminate the gap between the mentorship the newer workers DESIRE, and that lack of willingness the older techs have to provide that coaching, or even the structure from shop owners to facilitate and promote it…. How do we close the gap, as the future of the service industry hangs in the balance?


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