Mind Wrench Podcast

Episode #45 - Don't wait!... you may not have the time!

July 26, 2021 Rick Selover Episode 45
Mind Wrench Podcast
Episode #45 - Don't wait!... you may not have the time!
Show Notes

Episode Notes: 

Do you know how much time you have left?... how many more days left on this planet?

Are there things you KNOW you want to START or STOP doing, but haven’t yet?

What are the fences that need mending within your own family, the broken relationships that YOU could help repair?

What are you waiting for??.... will you have more time later?

Join us this week, as we look at the opportunities we have in life to START or STOP doing the things that would bring us our best life… and the fact that many of us have relationships within our families that need restoring… before we run out of time!


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