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Episode #57- Create a winning "marketing-mindset" - w/ Micki Woods

October 18, 2021 Rick Selover w/ Micki Woods Episode 57
Mind Wrench Podcast
Episode #57- Create a winning "marketing-mindset" - w/ Micki Woods
Show Notes

Episode Notes: 

Is your old Yellow Pages ad, direct-mailer campaign or local bowling league sponsorship failing to drive new customers to your shop?... or, are you one the many repair shops that “don’t do” marketing and still think “word-of-mouth” advertising is all you need?

Maybe you want to develop a great marketing strategy, but don’t know where to start… and more importantly, don’t want to waste any time & hard-earned profits on unproductive marketing attempts?

You think DRP’s are the only source of work flowing to your shop?... WELL, THEY AREN’T!

 In this episode, bodyshop marketing expert Micki Woods, owner of Micki Woods Marketing, helps shine a spot-light on YOU can plan & launch a successful marketing campaign and even grab some of your competitors’ potential customers from right under their nose, quicker than you can get those logoed bowling shirts back from the printer! 


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