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EP 009 – Exploring Possibilities with Dora Tsipouras
December 20, 2017 Tina Murray
Consider possibilities as Dora and ‘Tina chat about what happens when you allow yourself to be open to positive change. Dora Tsipouras thought she had it all figured out; a good job in the corporate world, a good pay cheque and that life would just work out. After several years, she realised she was wrong. Not only was she feeling dissatisfied with climbing the corporate ladder, she was run down, stressed, sick and tired all of the time. Thinking “there must be more than this”, led Dora to starting her business in the wellness and lifestyle industry. She has a passion for people and loves training and equipping people to achieve higher success in their life. Connect with Dora Facebook at Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect with‘Tina on Facebook at
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