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EP 023 – Being Productive with Helen Bolger-Harris
April 10, 2018 Tina Murray
Become productive, and so much more, with Helen as she and ‘Tina chat about our left and right brains. Helen Bolger-Harris specialises in supporting particularly creative or spiritual women to grow their businesses and themselves by creating more focus and structure in their lives, so they can do more and be more…on their terms. Helen comes from a background in the health sector, originally as a nurse, before venturing into the corporate world. She yearned for more freedom and self-expression, and realised that this would only be possible through commencing her own business as a certified Productivity Coach and Therapist. Helen, herself, identifies as both a creative and spiritual person, with a solid grounding in more structured ‘left-brain’ thinking. She successfully blends the strengths of both worlds to create a unique and impactful approach for her clients, based on her own successful journey to balancing achievement and fulfillment. Connect with Helen at Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at
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