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EP 025 – Learning from the Best with Alex Couley
April 24, 2018 Tina Murray
Learn from the best as Alex and ‘Tina chat about coaching to live your best life. Alex Couley is an international figure in coaching, leadership practices, mental health and positive psychology. A director of two consultancy, coaching and training companies he has delivered coaching and leadership training to leaders from in excess of twenty five countries. A leading expert in coaching and wellbeing, Alex is a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard University. He is also part of the academic team of a number of higher education facilities within Australia. Amongst other areas he lectures upon coaching within organisations, coaching and counselling for health and wellbeing, mind body wellness, positive psychology interventions and mental health. Alex is in demand to deliver practical workshops on the use of coaching to maximise employee engagement. Core subjects examined are, values and strengths orientated workplaces, engaging and motivating employees and minimising stress within working environments. Alex has trained of coaches across Australia. He has also assisted many organisations to develop internal coaching and employee wellbeing programs. As well as coaching leaders and senior academics in many parts of the world he currently provides ongoing supervision to numerous organisational coaches. He is an author and regular conference presenter on coaching, leadership skills, mental health issues, and positive psychology interventions. Connect with Alex at Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at
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