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EP 033 – Living Consciously with Harry Sherwood
June 19, 2018 Tina Murray
Harry Sherwood is the cofounder of, which educates people in holistic health and increasing awareness to live a conscious lifestyle.  Harry's journey to success took a true leap of faith when he left behind the only world he knew in 2010 and went "off to see the wizard."  His quest for discovery, rooted in experience, lead him to spend thousands of hours in meditation, to a degree in Consciousness Studies from the University of Michigan, to some of the worlds finest Shao Lin Temples and Yoga Ashrams, and to starting his own business.   Join Harry and ‘Tina as they chat about what attaining consciousness really means. Connect with Harry Sherwood at: Website -  Facebook Page -  Facebook Group - Consciously Community Group (Private) Twitter -  LinkedIn -  Instagram - Pinterest -  Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at
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