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EP 045 – Kickstart to Thrive with Anel Bester
September 11, 2018 Tina Murray
Anel Bester has taken the experiences gifted to her to find a new way of thinking and living - or as she prefers to call it, thrive.  From overcoming depression through kick-boxing, to facing her fear of drowning by becoming an IronMan athlete, she has learned to take the emotions so often termed ‘bad’ , as powerful indicators of the path to joy.   Anel has been privileged to spend the last decade coaching other ordinary people to live extraordinary lives by using what they have available to them at any given moment in a new way through mindset. Be prepared to kick start your life as Anel and ‘Tina chat about what happens when you allow yourself to thrive. Connect with Anel: Website: LinkedIn: Facebook:  Instagram:  Connect with ‘Tina Murray at Connect with ‘Tina on Facebook at
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