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EP 052 – Maximum Mindset with Dr Sohial Farzem
October 30, 2018 Tina Murray

Dr Sohial Farzem is a Dr of TCM and Acupuncturist who is all about aligning your core values to help you empower your mindset for maximum personal business achievement.

Some lessons he’s learnt along the way:
- You can wait for change to come to you – OR you can create change from within you
- You have everything you need to be inspired from within
- You have every trait that you seek from others around you…within you
- A great mentor holds up a mirror and invites you to explore your greatness

Dr Sohial is ready to help you explore…

- Your greatness
- Your true potential
- Your Breakthrough
- Your transformation
- Your mastery


Go deep as Dr Sohial and ‘Tina chat about empowering your mindset.


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