Columbia University School of the Arts International Play Reading Festival

Taxi Radio

October 09, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
Columbia University School of the Arts International Play Reading Festival
Taxi Radio
Show Notes

On a stormy night in Bangkok, four beings are stuck in traffic. Accompanied by karaoke hits, Taxi Radio is a dark comedy that conjures the afterlife and calls upon higher powers to critique cycles of corruption. This soulful play highlights the absurdity of navigating one’s own life in the maelstrom of expectations and statuses. GPS, Google, and Facebook won’t help you out of these dead ends.

Written and translated by Nophand (Thailand)
Directed by Aya Ogawa

Dion Graham,
Chris McKinney,
Andrea Morales,
Kate Rigg,
Sathya Sridharan,

Gavin Browning,
Director of Public Programs and Engagement
D. R. Baker,
Sound Editor & Composer
Jessi Cotter,
Production Manager
Nana Dakin,
Culture Consultant
Caroline Eng,
Sound Designer
Kate Foster,
Literary Manager
Jim Petty with Five Ohm Productions,
Audio Engineer
Sami Pyne,
Student Producer
Zoe E. Rotter,
Casting Director
Theo Van Dyck,
Trumpet Improvisations
Joan Wyatt,
Stage Manager

Special thanks to the following:, bigjoedrummer, boykind, Sorrow-Fox, RTB45, Damsteegt, LG, emirdemirel, vedas, malupeeters, Vortichez, Veridiansunrise, mariadrrs, dj997, jobro, mansardian, Jay_You, bigmanjoe, kevp888, Erdie, newagesoup, cgrote, CastIronCarousel, stomachache, Almusic34, Thalamus_Lab, digifishmusic, straget

Almost Bliss, Kevin MacLeod 

Prelude and Action, Kevin MacLeod

Shadowlands 4 - Breath Kevin MacLeod
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