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10 ways to repurpose your podcast content like a boss!
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Audiograms - use headliner!
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An Email For Your List
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Ultimate Podcast Marketing
10 ways to repurpose your podcast content like a boss!
Dec 22, 2020 Episode 40
Emily Milling

Sick of wasting time on your content? Well why the heck aren’t you reusing your podcast to make your life easier? In this episode I’m sharing my top 10 ways to repurpose your podcast content like a boss!

If you haven’t already, start by listening to episode 34 - using your podcast as a content map. This will help you organize your content properly to support your goals. Once you’ve done that, dive into this super cool list!

1. Blog post!

Take your show notes and embellish the story a bit to turn it into an SEO optimized blog post! 

2. Audiograms!

Take a short 30-60 second clip from each episode and turn it into an audiogram! I’ve got a full tutorial that shows you exactly how to do that using an app called Headliner. 

3. Quote Graphics

These are SO powerful, and people eat them up on social media! If you say something particularly profound, make a quote graphic out of it!

4. Social Captions

Pull content directly from your show notes to create social media captions!

5. An email for your list!

Truly this is a no-brainer, it’s an easy way to stay engaged with your email list and stay top of mind, so that when it’s time to sell an offer, you’ve already got their attention!

6. An email funnel!

If you’ve got an offer you promote once in a while and a freebie lead magnet that is intended to drive people to that offer, you can take old episodes and turn them into a nurture funnel that continues to provide value to newcomers to your circle. 

7. An online course!

Got an old course? Why not grab the audio from the recordings and create a hands on episode that teaches your audience how to do something!

8. IG Lives and FB Lives!

This is a great way to do double duty with your time and energy. 

9. Group Coaching Sessions

This can be really effective if you are a coach or service provider and you’re on group coaching calls a LOT.

10. Highlight Reels!

Every year or every quarter, share a highlight reel of the best episodes throughout the year!

And that’s it! To put this into action, download my 52 Week Content Planning Template to start planning your content while staying organized.


  • 01:31 - Blog posts
  • 02:18 - Audiograms - use headliner! 
  • 03:00 - Quote Graphics
  • 03:32 - Social Captions
  • 04:43 - An Email For Your List
  • 05:59 - An Email Funnel
  • 06:55 - An Online Course
  • 08:05 - IG Lives and FB Lives
  • 08:28 - Group Coaching Sessions
  • 09:07 - Highlight Reels

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